Make uh-oh moments okay.

Worst case scenario? Bring it on. General Liability can help cover a wide range of risks.

Slip-and-fall injuries

Someone trips at your business, breaks their leg and files a lawsuit. Excluding employees.


You accidentally damage a client or customer’s property.

Legal fees & defense costs

You need an attorney to defend your business in a lawsuit after a claim.

Medical payments

Someone (excluding employees) gets injured and asks you to pay for medical expenses.

Reputational harm

An employee bad-mouths a client online and the client sues you.

Advertising injury

You’re sued for improper image use in your advertising.

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What is General Liability insurance?

General liability insurance can provide financial protection for some of the most common accidents at a business.

It can help if someone other than an employee gets hurt and your business is at fault. This is called “bodily injury.”

General liability insurance coverage can also help pay for repair or replacement costs if you accidentally damage property that doesn’t belong to you.

And if you’re accused of reputational harm (libel or slander), false advertising (advertising injury) or copyright infringement, your insurance policy can provide coverage for that, too.

It’s one of the most frequently purchased types of business insurance by small business owners because of the broad protection it offers.

This type of coverage is also sometimes called “business liability insurance,” “commercial general liability (CGL),” “public liability” or “liability insurance.” For the sake of simplicity, we just call it general liability.